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Hi, I'm Emily Mermell

I create delightful digital experiences that drive results

And build teams that help make it happen

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Areas of expertise

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Web strategy

Build growth-driven  strategies that enhance engagement, conversions, and overall performance, with expertise in acquisition, user experience, and content strategy.

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Growth strategy

Implement  marketing initiatives that leveraging data, experimentation, and A/B testing to optimize campaigns and achieve significant business growth.

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Lead teams revolving around core principles of empathy, compassion, and action so that team members feel empowered to do their best work as their authentic selves.

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A passionate advocate for effective interpersonal communication, fostering strong relationships with stakeholders and teammates built on trust, empathy, and respect.

Nailing down the basics to set you up for success

Creating processes for better efficiency and alignment
Producing robust strategic roadmaps focused on goals
Finding new ways to be innovative and drive growth
Using Radical Candor practices to deliver and receive feedback
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Taking your organization to the next level

Focusing on continuous optimization and innovation
Making data-backed decisions to generate more wins
Using experimentation to test assumptions
Learning new ways to work better
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And doing it all together, as a team

Building inclusive teams where everyone feels empowered
Creating a culture centered around kindness
Using feedback to grow together
Experiencing more wins and learning from losses
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Resources, insights, and random thoughts.

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